[DL] F4 Phantom Seamless Intake
  • [DL] F4 Phantom Seamless Intake
  • [DL] F4 Phantom Seamless Intake
  • [DL] F4 Phantom Seamless Intake

[DL] F4 Phantom Seamless Intake


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1/32 Seamless Intake for Tamiya F-4 Phantom Series.


This is the first LFD set ever develloped (LFD was not even existing then, but the lineage follows), and unsurprisingly, the first set to make it to the digital download section

2 options From this point :

- Free download route : Just head over my cults 3d page, download the updated product, add supports your prefered way and enjoy it as is.

- Stay here, I have updated even more the file:

 - Added a Protective cage
 - Added Watermarks on the tubes
 - Changed  Pitots attachments
 - Added Pitot tubes parts
 - Optimized the supports

All the extra work will just cost you a little tip.

As a reminder : The front lip is very thin and will be subject to deformation during the post printing wash, it will mostly get back in shape while drying. But being an area needing putty and sanding it does not affect the final result. The pitot attachments are now fully recessed to not expose them to the sanding application of the surface.

Once ordered, you will receive a separate email with a download link (Check spam folder in case of)

You can download the product multiple times by following the link, but you need to be logged in under your customer account credentials

It is possible to order a physical version of this set, see the 3D printed set Area.

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